MISSION: 5 Days To Discover The Book Within – Day 2

Congratulations on making it through Day 1 of the MISSION: 5 Days To Discover The Book Within program! Welcome to Day 2!

Let’s dive right in!

Day 2: Choosing The Right Topic To Write

Yesterday we laid the foundation by exploring your why–motivations for writing your book, and then we looked at some different examples of types of books you may consider writing. Today we’re going to build upon yesterday’s lesson and dive deeper into the topic of Topics.

We’ll discuss strategies to help you choose the right topic for you, based on a number of different factors ranging from your mission, passion, expertise and experiences. Then we’ll explore some angles that may make your topic more timely, relevant and interesting right Now. Today you can let your creative inspiration and muse let loose, because in the end, I believe you should be passionate about the topics you write about.

Download the supplemental handout to assist you with the lesson:

Choose A Topic Handout

If you did yesterday’s homework, you’ll begin to notice some overlaps and commonalities. This is exactly what needs to happen to determine the perfect book for you to write right now.

As I mentioned yesterday, remember you’re evoking your creative muse, and that may draw up a slew of feelings and emotions. It’s all a normal part of the process! Please post your answers, thoughts, questions and experiences on the Mission Muses Facebook page–you can use this for support and also to support your fellow aspiring authors!

Here’s to your book! <3