MISSION: 5 Days To Discover The Book Within Welcome and Introduction


I’m so happy you’ve joined MISSION: 5 Days To Discover The Book Within! I’m excited you’ve decided to embark on this journey to find the book inside you and that you’ve committed the time to growing yourself and achieving a goal you’ve been dreaming of!

Watch the short video here to learn more about what to expect these next few days:

Here are some tips to make this experience as productive and pleasurable as possible:

1. Join the Mission Muses Facebook Community. If you’re new, please introduce yourself, what your mission and specialization is. Every day we’ll be posting the Day’s answers so feel free to share answers, ask questions, share inspiration or whatever you’d like to offer to support the group.

2. Buy a special notebook that you can use as your writing muse journal, to write notes, reflection answers, draw doodles, insert images, magazine clippings or anything else that serves as inspiration. If you’re more of a digital person, open up a folder on your desktop or on a note application such as Evernote and add files and folders to store bits of inspiration, images, notes, photos, screen captures, etc.

3. Carve out approximately 15-20 minutes every day that you can have quiet, undisturbed time to watch the short lesson and to reflect and answer the questions. Resist the urge to multitask or check social media. I personally find my quiet time first thing in the morning after having my coffee or in the evening before going to bed.

4. Remember you’re evoking the muse through this process and that may draw a range of different emotions, from excitement, overwhelm, feeling stuck, or other highs and lows. This is perfectly normal and all part of the process so don’t be so hard on yourself.

5.No matter what, writing is a creative process, so remember to have fun! Create an atmosphere and environment that can support your process, such as buying your special journal, playing inspirational music, incense or candles, dancing or going for a walk if you feel stuck.

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