MISSION: 90 Days To Unleash The Book Within – Coaching Strategy

Have you ever dreamed of writing your own book and being an author?

Do you know you have a book in you that’s bursting to come out but you don’t know where to start?

Have you started writing your book but have gotten stuck or need extra support taking the next steps?


I’ve been where you are. As an author, branding strategist, speaker and performer, I know how important it is to get your voice out to the world! I believe anyone who is passionate and committed enough can write their own book. I wrote my first book in just 3 weeks, and have since written many more.

I’ve been part of bestseller campaigns, gotten free press from my books, landed speaking engagements and many more opportunities from being an author.

If you are a Mission-Driven Entrepreneur or leader, NOW is the time to BE THE MISSION and share your Voice & Message with the world, with your very own book! I’ll provide my guidance and expertise, and give you a guideline for taking your book from idea-to-launch!


In this Intensive Coaching Program, we will offer two tracks or the opportunity to do both.

The Coaching Strategy programs cover the following:


GOAL: Perfect if you are a busy professional with a strong message who needs the extra accountability and guidance to help you focus, create a plan and write your book in 90 days or less!

Month #1: Foundation and Strategic Vision For Your Book

  • Understanding Your Why & Choosing The Right Topic For You Right Now
  • Tying In Your Brand, Vision & Mission
  • Variations and Types of Books You Can Write
  • Strategize Complimentary Resources & Co-Authors
  • Create A 90-Day Plan For Writing Your Book

Months #2 + 3: Content & Writing Plan

  • Follow 90-Day Plan
  • Content Outline/Table of Contents
  • Brainstorm Content Ideas
  • Weekly Writing Accountability Check-ins
  • Strategize Content, Supplemental Resources and Other Writing Elements


GOAL: Step-by-step guidance to finalize your book project, tie in your brand and potential business opportunities, and launch your book in 90 days!

Month #1: Book Finishing Touches

  • Strategize Title and Other Book Elements
  • Resources for Editing, Design and Other Book Elements
  • E-book, Print, Audio Book or all three?

Month #2: Business Resources

  • Brand Strategy and Positioning for your business and brand
  • How To Leverage Your Book For Business Opportunities
  • Referrals for literary agents and publishers

Month #3: Launch Strategies

  • Launch Strategies For Your Book
  • Strategize Press & Promotions
  • Design Launch Event, if applicable

Throughout The Coaching Program

  • 60-minutes strategy calls every week to go through plan, strategize and answer all questions
  • Weekly check-ins for extra accountability
  • Facebook group is available to coaching clients to support each other, asking questions, posting feedback and comments and keeping each other accountable to write our books. the affordable and reasonably priced resources I have personally used and for my clients
  • Resources Page will be available to you with some of the affordable and reasonably priced resources I have personally used and for my clients


  • Recording – Writing a Publishing Proposal, Marketing and Author Case Studies [Featuring Author & Business Coach]
  • Recording – Is an Audio Book right for you? [Featuring Audio Book Voiceover Actor and Marketing Expert]
  • Copy of Alexandra’s book “Sculpt Your Life From Sketch to Masterpiece – 5-Year Anniversary Edition”  in PDF format
  • Facebook Group for extra and ongoing support and accountability

My goal is to provide a ton of value and support you as best as possible over 90 days, so I will offer as much information as I can and answer your questions. If you need additional support after 90 days, we can certainly discuss that then.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much of my book do I have to have done in the 90-day program?

This is designed for you to walk in with no previous knowledge or work put into your book. Of course, if you have already started then you can get additional resources and guidance based on where you are now and will be customized according to where you are now. Our Facebook group of all the writing participants will keep us motivating each other to complete our books. This program will give you the much needed momentum and motivation to write your book.

What if I don’t know where to start or how to proceed?

This is designed to help walk you through the process and give you personalized, customized attention and guidance no matter where you’re at.

Can anyone really write a book?

Anyone has the ability to write a book in today’s environment. As long as you have an idea or message you want to share and have the commitment and discipline to complete it, you can write a book. We will also discuss resources that will help you to write your book without physically writing it, such as ghost writing and talk your book.

Do I need to be writing a specific subject?

We will discuss the perfect book for you and how to tie it into your expertise, knowledge, experience and brand. I’ll be providing individualized customized help for you depending on what type of book you’d like to create.

What if I’ve already written my book or most of it?

Although I believe you will still benefit from the entire strategy I have outlined, we can discuss a more customized strategy based on where you are now and your goals and vision.

For questions or any additional information, contact Alexandra Figueredo directly at Alexandra@missionbasedbranding.com