Strategy Consulting – Corporations

Are you ready to create a strong mission-driven brand?

Would you like to create a bigger vision and goals for your business over the next 6-12 months?

We can help! We have several packages that can help you “Live Your Mission”… getting you clear about your Mission and closer to living your dream and engaging a passionate community of followers who are aligned with your Mission.

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Who is this perfect for?

  • Corporations or Organizations (ie – Corporate Communications, Marketing and/or Social Responsibility Divisions)
  • Small Businesses with engaged teams of 6 or more people
  • Visionary leader or C-Suite level officer who wants to engage her/his team in a bigger way

Strategic Plan Consulting

Are you ready to turn your mission into an irresistible brand? NOW is the time for getting it done, clarifying your Mission, creating your brand and sharing your message with an engaged and passionate community of followers who are aligned with your Mission.

Strategic Planning/Consulting is completely customized according to each client’s priorities, goals and needs. In general, strategy is broken down in the following areas of focus:


  • Define or refine your Why, Mission & Foundational Principles aligned from within
  • Get clear about the Vision you want for your business
  • Tie your brand to a cause that you and your ideal clients are passionate about


  • Align your Why with your employees and stakeholders
  • Know who your ideal client is to tailor your message and strategically target
  • Create or finetune your unique brand that sets you apart and delivers your message clearly
  • Set big goals for your business that tie in your Why, mission and vision


  • Differentiate your brand in the market
  • Create messaging that aligns with your Why and foundational principles
  • Position C-Suite officers as thought leaders

What’s included:

  • Customized monthly Strategic Plan based on client priorities, goals and objectives
  • Determine measurable KPIs
  • Monthly Assessment Report and Strategy Plan Updates
  • 4 phone or online meeting sessions per month (in-person meetings are available ONLY for meetings in Miami-Dade County, or may incur additional fees)

Investment: $2495 per month for 6 months for four (4) 90-minute weekly strategy sessions*

*May also be conducted as a full-day or half-day strategy session(s)


Corporate Training 

MBBI offers a variety of trainings for employees and teams on topics such as:

  • Improving Company Culture
  • Increasing Happiness and Employee Engagement
  • What’s Our Mission?
  • And More

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You may request a quote to create a package customized according to your needs. If you have any questions or would like a brand assessment, please email

Alexandra only takes on a limited number of one-to-one corporate consulting clients per month, so reserve your spot NOW!