Happiness: A Reclamation 


Confession: I used to cringe any time I heard the word “happy” and “happiness.” Everyone wants to be happy, happy, happy with big fake smiles on their faces as they down alcohol or some other substance.

That word seemed overused and superficial. To me it was all about the extrinsic factors that bring momentary or fleeting contentment. After all, getting likes on an Instagram post is a dopamine hit that makes you “happy” in the moment. But those same people are still unhappy and lonely. 

It wasn’t until 2018 that I picked up A Course In Miracles that my view on happiness changed. In the Course, happiness is synonymous with joy, love, peace and oneness. Which is the only thing that exists, in the ultimate state of heaven. But that happiness is not extrinsic, fleeting contentment. That is real, intrinsic happiness that comes from within.  

In 2019, I was attracted to a training program Happy For No Reason, and it really made sense to me that the term happiness could be used for that joy and peace that is not contingent on external factors. 

Now not only do I not cringe at the term, but I want to reclaim its use in superficial measure and educate others on “happy for no reason,” or the intrinsic joy that comes from within.

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