Training & Speaking

MBBI offers a number of training packages, talks and other educational and training programs for your organization.

Why MBBI Training?

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Teams that are aligned around your Mission and Why, have a stronger sense of purpose and alignment to your brand, are more productive and loyal to your organization, and can more clearly share your brand message with others in the marketplace to attract brand advocates. All of this amounts to more engaged and informed employees that champion your Mission and brand, and that translates to a stronger brand in the marketplace. Click here to learn more about tangible benefits from Mission Based Branding.

Aligning all stakeholders in your organization requires education and training. Let us help! We will discuss your specific needs, assess your current challenges and educate and train your team and organization to be aligned to your goals and vision.

Below is a selection of the training topics that we can offer your organization:


  • Mission Possible – Start with your Why, get clear about your Mission and Vision and create your company’s Mission and Vision statements
  • Happiness Workshop – Adapted for the workplace, this workshop goes through the key strategies and techniques to increase happiness at work, mainly focused on: Mission/Purpose, Relationships/Connection, Employee Engagement, Resiliency and More


  • Company Culture – Create an environment your employees love! Align your employees to your  Why and inspire your team to champion your Mission while designing your ideal organizational culture (Note: if necessary, we could research and specifically address employee turnover and other challenges)
  • Internal Communications – All Aboard! Start from within and create a clear, cohesive and consistent brand message for employees and stakeholders!


  • Corporate Social Responsibility/External Communications – Strategies for creating and sharing your brand’s message to stand out in the marketplace and attract loyal customers and inspired brand advocates
  • Public Speaking Skills – Share your message more confidently and effectively! Fun team building activities that teach acting, improvisation and other public speaking techniques to get your team out of their comfort zone and leaving more confident, prepared and quick on their feet (perfect for spokespersons, trainers and speakers!)

All of these trainings and talks may be adapted to your specific needs, but typically fall into the following categories:

  • Corporate/Team strategy sessions (ideally 4-6 team members)
  • Hands-on organizational training and education workshops
  • Seminar presentations/Keynotes for corporate retreats, events and conferences

Programs may include pre-assessments, research and follow-up sessions as necessary. Topics may be customized for your industry and specific organization’s needs.

To request a quote for your needs, please contact or to request more details about a topic or program.