A Course In Weightloss Group

The pilot support group program is about self love and body love through connection to spirit and removing mental and emotional blocks around the body. From personal experience, it’s helped me not only lose weight but more importantly, lose the addictive compulsions to food and the negative thoughts of my body.
If weight or body image isn’t your biggest issue, you can substitute it for any addiction, sickness, body issue, fertility issue or sex issue and still get many benefits. It is all about seeing your body in a healthy way that is free of the toxic thoughts, beliefs etc. that we have acquired over time.
There are 21 lessons. We will do 1 lesson every 2 days, for 6 weeks.
We’ll also have a Facebook group to post the lessons and then we can discuss each lesson that way and support each other. Plus we will have Facebook Live Q&A’s or live zoom calls that will be recorded for additional support.
The minimum time commitment is approximately 15-20 minutes per day to: read/listen to the lesson (I did it by audiobook) or do the “homework.”
To be part of the program you must get the following materials:
1. A Journal to write your answers and thoughts to the daily lessons.
2. Buy the book or audio to “A Course In Weight Loss
3. A few of the lessons may have you purchase certain additional items to support you in the program, but it can be done at very low cost.
Some supplemental materials:
1. Buy a journal you love to track your writings! This one is inspiring: You Got This Journal
2. “Meditations for Weight Loss” – has meditations led by Marianne Williamson. Not necessary, but complements the book.