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About Mission Based Branding Institute

Be The Mission. Live The Mission. Share The Mission.

It all starts with your MISSION!

At MBBI, we know that your Mission matters to you and to the people you serve. We are experts at tying your passion, purpose and legacy and creating a strong mission and vision that helps you be more clear about what you stand for so your brand stands out and your clients naturally gravitate toward you. We also work to help you form a movement in your industry that moves so many more people. Our team of experienced business strategy and communications professionals, led by our founder Alexandra Figueredo, is passionate about helping others and it shows in the way we interact and engage with our clients.

Through a combination of branding, communications, strategy, business coaching and training, MBBI helps you shine so you can BE THE MISSION, LIVE THE MISSION & SHARE THE MISSION!

Some of our clients have represented a range of industries from health, wellness, arts, philanthropy, technology, telecommunications, finance, and creative companies to name a few. Our Team has trained or created communications campaigns for clients in various business areas including large multinationals such as Samsung-Latin America and Medtronic, to events such as Florida Supercon, to local small businesses and social entrepreneurs.

Ultimately, we want to help you express yourself and your mission in a way that is You-nique and authentic to you and BE THE MISSION, LIVE THE MISSION & SHARE THE MISSION.

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Our Mission

What’s our Mission?

Our Mission is to Inspire, Empower and Support You To Authentically BE, LIVE & SHARE YOUR MISSION With the World To Make The Greatest Impact!


Be The Mission: Start with Why and get clear about what you stand for and your purpose

Live The Mission: Align your Mission with your business model and career path and create a culture that embodies that Mission

Share The Mission: Communicate your message clearly, effectively and authentically with your ideal clients and the public

So, what’s YOUR Mission?

About Alexandra Figueredo

“My mission and message are more important than any fear I may have of sharing them with the world”

– Alexandra Figueredo

An internationally renowned Author, SAlexandra Figueredo Headshotpeaker, Trainer, Performer and Contributor, Alexandra Figueredo founded MBBI to support passionate, mission-driven and conscious businesses and entrepreneurs just like you. Her goal is to help you get clear about their mission, create a strong brand and share your authentic voice and message with the world. As a Certified Professional Coach, she also inspires and empowers business owners and professionals to focus on what matters in their business and remove the obstacles getting in the way of fulfilling their mission and true calling and stepping up in a bigger way.

As the bestselling author of Sculpt Your Life From Sketch to Masterpiece(TM) she produced a practical and inspirational guide to lead readers to discover and focus on their mission, and inspire success and productivity. She is also co-author of a bestselling book Conversations That Make A Differemce: Shift Your Beliefs To Get What You Want, which has among other authors, Sharon Lechter and Dame D.C. Cordova.

As a trainer and speaker, her passionate and joyful personality provides an inspirational yet empowering approach to push her audience to their greatest potential and elevating them to the next level. She’s been cited and interviewed by various news stations, publications and resources, including ABC News, Natural Awakenings, CareerBuilder and The Grindstone, to name a few. She is also a writer, columnist and contributor for numerous magazines and publications.

Passionate about supporting women through social impact, Figueredo is founder and executive director of Latina Founders, a network that aims to empower, educate and support Latinas, women and minority businessowners to help level the playing field in business. She spent several years analyzing the needs of arts professionals as co-founder of ArtistaMundo, the first fully bilingual global platform and community for artists that served as a resource for thousands of artists and creative professionals around the world. Prior to that, she started her professional career in business and lending for nearly a decade, most recently as Assistant Vice President and lending officer at a wealth management private bank in Miami. During her years in the corporate world, she realized her legacy was to give back to others, which drove her to work in philanthropic measures and support arts educational, therapeutic and promotional services for underserved individuals and communities.

Alexandra has been involved in singing, musical theater and dance performances her whole life, and has performed in numerous choral and musical shows through the years. An avid traveler and lover of different cultures, she’s visited 5 continents and was blessed with the opportunity to study abroad numerous times as a student.

Figueredo completed her masters in Global Strategic Communications at Florida International University, and obtained her Bachelors in Business from University of Florida.