Mission MAP – Corporations

Would you like to clarify or finetune your Mission and your Why?

Would you like to align your business with your Mission to inspire from within and connect to your ideal clients?

It all starts with your Mission, your Why, your core values.

Businesses are missing that cohesive glue that keeps all executives, employees, clients and stakeholders connected to the Mission, vision and brand of the company.

We can help you “Be Your Mission”!


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Are you ready to turn your mission into an irresistible business and brand?

We have 1-day “Mission M.A.P.” training strategy sessions for corporations and organizations. In this customized Mission M.A.P. (Mission Action Plan), your team will work one-on-one with Alexandra through a combination of mission visualization, branding, business strategy and hands-on training and coaching.

The full Mission M.A.P. is broken down into 3 sections, with customization and focus on the sections that are most relevant to your business, industry and current needs and goals:


  • Define a clear and unique business Mission that is authentic and attracts & emotionally engages your followers
  • Get clear about your Why and long-term Vision


  • Know who your ideal client is to tailor your message and strategically target
  • Fine-tune your unique business model to tie in your mission, vision and desired company culture


  • Create or fine-tune your unique brand that sets you apart and delivers your message clearly
  • Tie your brand to an aligned cause that you and your ideal clients are passionate about and further differentiates your brand in the marketplace

What’s included:

  • Full day strategy session with corporate teams, up to 6 total team members. *Required at least one founder or C-Level executive must be present
  • Highly strategic brand strategies to move your business from mission to irresistible brand
  • On-the-spot laser coaching and personalized attention
  • Support & Accountability to push you to the next level in your business
  • One 1-hour pre-strategy session prior to Mission M.A.P.
  • M.A.P. Assessment report and action plan with findings and strategies for your mission, business and brand
  • A 3-hour follow-up session with your team to implement the action plan


Full day session (8 hours) with your team, plus pre-strategy session and post-follow up session. May also be divided into 2 sessions if necessary

*Assumes meeting in Miami-Dade County. Any extraordinary or additional travel fees shall be paid by client.

Alexandra only hosts a handful of these personalized Mission M.A.P.’s per month, so reserve your spot NOW! If you have any questions or would like a customized quote, please email Alexandra@MissionBasedBranding.com.



This Mission Statement Strategy Session is perfect for teams that need to clarify or finetune their Mission and Why, as a foundation for your business or brand. We suggest doing a Mission assessment and realignment “tune-up” at least once per year to ensure the vision of the founders remains clear and consistent and so that your teams is aligned.

Teams and organizations that are aligned to a strong Why and Mission are more inspired and motivated to work in your company, proactively further your organization’s Mission, and are more loyal to your company, increasing productivity while reducing turnover. It all starts with your Mission! (Click here to read about Tangible Benefits of Having A Strong Mission-Based Business and Brand)

In our strategy session customized to your company, we will:

  • Start with your Why–what your organizations stands for, and define your clear Vision
  • Gain Clarity of your Core Values and Principles
  • Clarify your unique and authentic Mission
  • Mission-based team-building techniques (in-person meetings only)
  • Write out your Mission and Vision Statements

What’s included:

  • 2 hours (approximately) strategy session with teams*
  • Pre-strategy assessment prior to Mission M.A.P.
  • Personalized Mission Statement & Report with session findings

*Up to 6 total team members; Required – at least one organization founder, director or C-Suite executive must be present


Alexandra only hosts a handful of these personalized team strategy sessions per month, so reserve your spot NOW! If you have any questions, please email Alexandra@MissionBasedBranding.com.