From Insecure To Impactful

“Your mission and message are more important than any fear you may have sharing them with the world”
– Alexandra Figueredo


MEGAPHONEIf you’re anything like me (human!), you’ve been scared to death of speaking in public at some point in your life…and I’m sure you’ve heard the statistics that speaking in public is feared more than death (at least, in surveys).

My fear of public speaking spiraled out of control to the point that I would sweat just thinking about asking a question in class or even discussing my work with my boss. With that level of anxiety, you can imagine the terror–and sometimes stage fright–presenting in front of a group, which I had to do several times a week. Yet I never really understood why because I could act and perform in front of thousands, but was a nervous, sweaty wreck when it was MY voice.

The week after I resigned from my corporate job to become a full-time entrepreneur, I began hypnosis sessions with a therapist to combat this issue. I knew I was going to start pitching my own business, and didn’t want fear to stop me. Little did I know I’d eventually become a speaker and trainer 🙂

Although the fear never fully goes away–and discussing with other professional speakers has confirmed this is totally normal–I learned to be proactive, finding opportunities to grow and improve myself, and of course share my mission and message with as many people as possible.

Because my Mission and Message are more important than any fear I have sharing them with the world!

When it comes to pitching your business, I’ve heard many entrepreneurs and startups get stuck on the What they do, which may be some really amazing, innovative, disruptive technology—that no one understands. They get fixated on technical details and jargon, but can’t connect with their audience on their Why. Simon Sinek from Start With Whysays: “People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.” You can have all the facts and figures and technically the best product or service in your industry, but your client, investor or audience will only resonate with it if you can properly connect with them at a more emotional level.

My friend Bruce Turkel from Building Brand Value: Seven Simple Steps to Profitable Communications says when attracting your audience, you must connect first with “Hearts. Then Minds.” That’s why I developed MISSION-Based Branding.

Remember this the next time you speak or pitch your business. It is possible to speak with confidence, connect with your audience and share your message to make the most impact!

It’s taken me years to learn what works for me, so let me know in the comments below what works for you.


If you want to learn some powerful strategies, join me at “Pitch With Impact” this Thursday…details below

Pitch With Impact

Do you feel like hiding every time you need to get in front of an audience? Do you want to share your message but find it difficult to make a lasting impact? Are you seeking funding, pitching your business or sharing your message before an audience? Then Pitch With Impact is perfect for you!

You’re going to learn strategies to effectively pitch your business, share your message more confidently and effectively, and make the biggest impact! Along with practical steps to ensure the perfect pitch for your audience, we’ll use fun and interactive speaking techniques to get you out of your comfort zone and feeling more confident, prepared and quick on your feet. Who can’t use more of that?

After taking this workshop you’ll walk away with:

  1. Key steps to emotionally connect with your audience and pitch with impact
  2. Fun and interactive exercises that will get you more comfortable speaking in public
  3. Other professional strategies specifically for pitching your business or services/products
Learn more and register here:
Looking forward to see you there!


Do you have a book in you?

Happy Birthday To ME!

Another year has passed and I ask myself, where has the time gone by? We often feel like we have not accomplished anything. Yet when I sat back and reflected on the last year, I saw that I’ve done quite a bit, including some things I’ve forgotten about! In the last year, I’ve:

  • Released the 5-year anniversary of Sculpt Your Life From Sketch To Masterpiece
  • Launched a Missionpreneur Mastermind Program
  • Danced at several Full Moon Drum Circle nights
  • Launched Mission Muses community
  • Launched book writing online programs and coaching (see below!)
  • Spent several months living and traveling in Spain (Ole!)
  • Finished my first draft of Burn Plan B (coming soon!)

And there are other wonderful projects and organizations I’m leaving out or forgotten about!

Why do we do all of this? In my reflection, I’m reminded that furthering our Mission, taking risks, feeling the fear and doing it anyway–it’s all out of contribution to ourselves and others. In fact I asked in my morning meditation for a special message to share with the world, and I was told:“Love More. Fear Less.” It’s really that simple.

To that end, I’m offering a special gift to help you step up in Love, including a free link to download my book Sculpt Your Life. Scroll to the bottom of the email to learn more. Love!

MISSION: 90 Days To Write Your Book, Leave Your Legacy – Master Course


Are you a leader or changemaker with a message that can serve thousands?

Have you ever dreamed of writing your own book and being an author?

Is there a book in you that’s bursting to come out?

I’ve opened up my popular writing course once again! As a branding strategist, writer, speaker and publicist, I know how important it is to get your voice out to the world! I’ve been part of bestseller campaigns, gotten free press from my books, landed speaking engagements and many more opportunities from being an author. After several requests over the last few months from aspiring authors, we have opened up our Writer’s Mastery Course once again to help you get it done!
If you are a Mission-Driven Entrepreneur, NOW is especially the time to step up, BE THE MISSION and share your Authentic Voice & Message with the world! It may feel daunting to write a book, but you have a message and you must get it out! I’ll provide a Step-By-Step guideline of exactly how I wrote my first book in just 3 weeks, and give you a blueprint for how I took my book from idea-to-launch in 3 months!
Over this 90-day online Mastery Course, we will cover the following major categories:
  1. Foundation: Choose The Topic & Type of Book Right For You & Create A Strategic Writing Plan
  2. Content: Brainstorm Content, Write Table Of Contents & Start Writing
  3. Publishing: Editing & Publication Options/Resources
  4. Launch: Marketing, Promotional Opportunities & Business Resources
SPECIAL BONUS GIFT: I’m offering a special Early Bird BONUS for anyone committed to writing their book who registers to the course the opportunity to have a complimentary branding and writing strategy session with me, valued at more than the program itself. The number is capped due to the interactive group coaching, so if you’re ready to step up, make sure you register ASAP to claim your bonus personalized session!

I hope you can join me to step up and BE THE MISSION! If you have any questions or conflict with the dates, please email me and we’ll set up a time to chat. Or if you need a more customized, one-to-one Coaching Strategy, I can help with that as well no matter where you’re at in the book writing and launch process.

Sculpt Your Life CoverSPECIAL BOOK GIFT: In honor of International Women’s Day, which is TODAY (March 8th), I’m offering my book Sculpt Your Life. Please download it and share the link with all the women, Missionpreneurs, creatives and artists you know who want to step up and BE THE MISSION! All proceeds of the kindle book during the rest of the month of March will go toward Mission For The Arts (charities I support that empower girls through the arts).

Here’s the link:
Thank you in advance!!!!
Helping transform the world, one mission-driven author at a time! ;) 
Warm regards,

Alexandra Figueredo Speaking at Women’s Empower Expo in October

Alexandra will be speaking at this event on October 15, 2016 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
She will be sharing her signature talk:
How To Turn Your Mission Into An Irresistible Brand – As mission-driven entrepreneurs, our mission to help and impact others is the driving force that moves us to create our businesses. But we may not always tap into the power that our mission holds to create a strong brand. So just how do you create and promote an irresistible brand in a way that feels true to you
Alexandra Figueredo is a Missionpreneur Mentor, brand strategist and founder of Mission Based Branding Institute, specializing in working with mission-driven businesses. She is an author, speaker, multilingual performer, president of the Greater Miami Holistic Chamber of Commerce and member of the Evolutionary Business Council. In 2011, she released her first book Sculpt Your Life From Sketch to Masterpiece™, a practical and inspirational guide helping readers discover their mission and create a mission-driven business and life, and is an author in a 2014 bestselling collaboration book Shift Your Beliefs: Conversations That Make A Difference which has among other authors, Sharon Lechter and Dame DC Cordova. She received an MS in Global Strategic Communications and a BSBA in Finance.
To learn more and register, click here:

Writer’s Retreat: Write Your Book, Share Your Message With The World

Mission Muses Writers Retreat

Are you a leader or changemaker with a message that can serve thousands or millions?

Do you know have a book in you?

Mission Muses Mastery Series: Write Your Book, Share Your Message With the World!

When: Full Day Writer’s Day August 28, 2016, 9:30 am – 4:30 pm

Where: Center For Social Change, 2103 Coral Way, 2nd Floor, Miami, FL

In this Mastery Program, we will cover the following:

Recorded Webinar #1: Choosing A Topic

  • Why Are You Writing A Book?
  • The Right Topic For You
  • Tying In Your Expertise & Branding
  • Home work will be given in advance so you are ready for the Writer’s Day

Full Day Writer’s Retreat**

  • Finalize Your Topic
  • Brainstorming Content
  • Write Your Outline
  • Start Writing Your First Chapter

Recorded Webinar #2: Title, Conclusion, References and More

  • Tips For Choosing A Title
  • References & Research?
  • Testimonials, Biography & More

Recorded Webinar #3: Business & Complementary Resources

  • To E-book, PDF or Print, or all three?
  • Writing a Proposal and Case Study with Dr. Gabrielle Pelicci
  • How to Create Your Audio Book with Tina Dietz
  • Other Resources: Editor, Marketing, PR and more

Learn More:


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