I am Clear That I am Unclear


“I am clear that I am unclear”

That’s the message I heard several weeks ago in my morning meditation. You see, I had a moment of fog and cloudiness. I couldn’t see clearly and started to feel sorry for myself, sulking that I was unclear about my path. And I’m supposed to be the one helping others be clear about their mission and brand!

Once I consoled my ego, I realized it’s perfectly okay to be unclear. This is a part of life. People and businesses go through it all the time. In fact, once I assessed what was happening I realized part of my challenge is that I was being asked to step up into a new space in a big way, unchartered territory I’d never been before. Certainly there should be moments of uncertainty, anxiety and overwhelm.

What did I do? I put marker to white board and started brainstorming for a few hours through a process I call a Mission M.A.P. (Mission Action Plan) just like I’ve done with so many other clients before. Except I was my own client.

Starting with my Mission and going back to my core, I got really honest with myself and tapped into the vision for my lightbulbhighest self. I have too many a-has to share from that experience, but the biggest was that I’d been spending too much time and energy in a few business areas that were depleting me instead of empowering me, and this was making me loose focus from my core Mission. When I became at peace with releasing these areas not perfectly in alignment with my Mission, it opened up several other much bigger opportunities that were better aligned to my mission and vision. The answers appeared during the process and I felt an immediate sense of assurance, peace and relief.

In fact, I didn’t understand how powerful a process it is until I shared my findings with my accountability partner, who knew of my fogginess and was both surprised and thoroughly impressed at the outcome. It  made me realize the importance of MISSION-Based Branding. When you start with your Mission and Why, it’s easier to know when you’re not on the right path and out of alignment. And very importantly–How you do it or What you do aren’t as important as Why you do it–you can change jobs, change industries, change cities and when you’re in alignment with your Mission, the Why stays the same.

And interestingly, it’s happened to me several times through the years. Inevitably it happens at a point when I’m empowered to step up in a bigger way, and I begin to question my current path and where I’m going. Whenever I start to feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable in my business, or my growth stagnate or deplete, I do a Mission M.A.P.

Coincidentally this week I was getting my car serviced, a “tune up,” and it hit me that’s what a mini Mission M.A.P. is: a periodic tune up of my mission, vision goals, business, brand and message. We commonly hear about annual or semiannual spring cleaning or a juice cleanse and I’ve done both to start fresh and set myself on a new, more powerful track—now I can appreciate how valuable and worthwhile it is to do a periodic business or professional tune up (if you’re interested in learning more about one of these, see below*)

Here are some questions you can ask yourself if you are going through a similar fog, plateau or discomfort in your life or business:

  1. What’s my Why–what do I/my business stand for? Reconnect to your Mission and core values.
  2. What’s the Vision for my highest self, and who do I need to Be and how do I Live?
  3. How will you [God,Universe] use me today/this week/this year?
  4. What is my next right move? (credit goes to Oprah on this one)

Feel free to leave some of your answers in the comments below.

Here’s to a mission-filled life!



*P.S. – I’m offering mini Mission M.A.P.s: a half day “Tune Up” session in which we will map out how you can:


  • Be The Mission: start with Why, clarify your Mission, core values and principles
  • Live The Mission: align your Mission to your business/vocation and get your team on board
  • Share The Mission: create the right message and step up and share your mission with the world

I only do a few of these a month, so if you’re interested in getting a mission-based branding “tune up” (lol), click here to learn more and message me to set one up.

Tangible Benefits of Mission Based Branding

I talk a lot about the importance of BE->LIVE->SHARE for your business and brand:

  • Be Your Mission: start with Why, clarify your Mission, core values and principles
  • Live Your Mission: align your Mission to your business/vocation and get your tribe on board
  • Share Your Mission: create the right message and step up and share your Mission with the world

But how about real life tangible business benefits to Mission-Based Branding?

There are many reasons that Mission-Based Branding makes good business sense. Here are the top 5 C’s of Mission Based Branding:

1. Clarity: Starting from the top, when the Founders and CEO are clear about their Mission and their Way, it provides a strong foundation for the organization. Without a strong Why, your company will lack focus and direction, which will create losses in your employees’ time, energy and efficiency.

TOMS is a great example. Whether or not you agree with TOMS’ mission or business model, the founder Blake Mycoskie had a clear Mission and knew what he and his brand stood for from the beginning.

2. Company Culture: When you have a strong mission, you can get your whole team on board around your common goal and purpose. That creates a strong environment of trust and engagement between employees and stakeholders inside and outside of the organization. Strong company culture translates to happier, more active employees, so turnover is lower and you lose less in sick/unproductive time.

Starbucks is a perfect example of a company whose baristas have fun working there, while having the opportunity to complete their studies on the corporate dime, and they’ve created a strong corporate culture around their mission. Sure the company’s mission may have gotten fuzzy along the way, but we know that Starbucks stands for not only the ambiance but also helping to develop sustainable and green business practices.

3. Connection: A company with a strong Mission creates interaction and connection with its fans, followers and clients. This creates loyalty with consumers coming back for more. And you can easily measure client loyalty.

Apple seems to do this right. People wait in line for hours to get a new iPhone, they swear that their Macs are better than PCs, and they feel cool sporting an apple sticker on their laptop. How many other brands can say the same?

4. Consistency: With a strong Mission, Why and direction from within, you can begin to create a strong, consistent message externally. When you have your internal compass as a baseline, it’s easier to know when you’re aligned or out of alignment and base your decisions that way. Similarly, you can gauge all messaging, advertising, communications, promotion etc against your core Mission.

Warby Parker, similar to TOMS, has its one-for-one business model, but is even simpler than TOMS. Its core business is making customized glasses, and they provide glasses for those in need in developing countries. Anything that is not aligned with this messaging is easy to see both internally and externally. Your ROI on all communications campaigns will be higher when you have a strong, consistent message.

5. Competition: I am a firm believer that mission-driven brands can stand on their own, are unique and differentiate themselves in the market. And there are plenty of examples to prove it. Apple, as we mentioned earlier, plus Airbnb are just two examples of market leaders, but not because they compete on pricing. They are missionaries versus mercenaries (a quote I heard Airbnb’s CEO Brian Chesky describe from one of his investors).

The best recent example is Lyft. When looking at its much bigger competition, Uber, after the immigration reform policy in January 2017, Lyft stood out immediately because they paid a large donation to the ACLU, while a #DeleteUber campaign erupted on social media, and soon after a sexual harassment scandal brewed from within. The Lyft founders know what they stand for (Clarity), have aligned their core mission to their business and employees (Company Culture), their clients get it (Connection), their message is in alignment (Consistency), and even as a much smaller company, they are able to stand out among their competition. Meanwhile, Uber is under investigation and being sued left and right for shady and possible illegal business practices, apart from the sexual harassment allegations. Time will tell how this will affect Uber’s investors and valuation, but there is clear evidence that they’ve at least lost millions in negative PR and potentially lost clients, while Lyft has gained millions in new users (including me!) and publicity.

What do you think? Do you have another C to add to the list? How has your brand used any of these principles in your business?

Feel free to share in the comments!

I used to be an aspiring author

About 7 years ago I was an aspiring writer. I was writing about 3 books at a time but never had a clear focus or purpose other than to be an author. Then one night I woke up suddenly and it hit me like a lightning bolt–write a book entitled Sculpt Your Life From Sketch To Masterpiece. It felt like it was part of my legacy to write a book, a way to share my mission and message that could serve hundreds, thousands, even potentially millions! It may sound extreme, but I was motivated by an internal drive to get that book written as quickly as possible before I die, and 3 weeks later the book was written and in 3 months it was released.

Then a few years later, I was an aspiring bestselling author. Looking back, part of me wanted to have a bestseller as a sense of achievement and accomplishment. Nothing wrong with that, except that these types of goals bring temporary happiness and fulfillment. A much more impactful reason for having a bestselling book is to provide greater awareness, credibility, exposure and prominence so once again, I could get my mission and message available to hundreds, thousands, even potentially millions! A book is a tool for doing just that, along with a way to position you and your brand.

No matter your Why, you have a message in you that can be shared in your own book. And you definitely have a potential bestseller in you. If you’d like to learn how I did it *accidentally* just a couple of weeks ago, click below:

How My Mission Accidentally Turned Into A Bestselling Book

What will you learn on this webinar:
  • My Why and planning steps I took to launch my book promotion;
  • Top 3 reasons my book became a bestseller;
  • How I continue to leverage my book and mission to brand and co-brand myself; and more!

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Oh and for the rest of the month of March, 100% of the proceeds of Sculpt Your Life From Sketch To Masterpiece ebook (listed at ONLY $2.99!) will go toward arts and empowerment charities serving girls. Click on the sidebar for more details, THANK YOU!!

Helping to transform the world one mission at a time,

-Alexandra 🙂

How I accidentally got a bestselling book

Bestseller secrets

March is my birthday month and also Women’s History Month, so I knew I wanted to do something to celebrate and also give back in a bigger way. I’m in the middle of a few big projects, so I decided quite last minute to host a promotion for my ebook Sculpt Your Life From Sketch To Masterpiece--the recently updated 5-year anniversary edition of my first book.

Last week on March 8th, International Women’s Day, I offered the ebook for free as it’s part of my mission to share my message with as many people as possible. Well, with little preparation and zero advance promotion, I ended up getting way more downloads of the book than I expected! I was ecstatic! Missionpreneurs, students, retirees, people searching for their mission and many others who may not otherwise know about my me or my book were downloading it!

Quite unexpectedly, and quickly, it became an Amazon bestseller. In fact, among other free books, it got to top 10 in several categories and even reached #2 in one category where the #1 book was from an author I greatly admire. It even reached bestseller in the entire category of “Business and Money” for free Kindle books! I was floored!

After the free book promotion ended, I continue to promote the book as offering 100% of proceeds for the paid version during Women’s History Month to charities I support that empower girls through the arts, a cause I’m particularly passionate about. Again, quite unexpectedly and with little promotion, I reached bestseller in my category where the likes of Tim Ferriss are fellow authors. On top of that, it’s helped co-brand me and my business, especially when reaching a new audience that didn’t know about my work previously.

Wow! How did this all happen with little preparation and zero advance promotion?

I’ve come up with some answers and I’ll be sharing those on an upcoming webinar:

How My Mission Accidentally Turned Into A Bestseller

What you will learn:
  • The planning steps I took to launch the book promotion
  • The top three reasons this book became an “accidental” best seller
  • How I continue to leverage my book and mission to brand and co-brand myself
  • And more!

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If you have any questions, please email Alexandra@MissionBasedBranding.com

Alexandra Figueredo is a brand strategist, author, publicist, trainer, singer-performer and founder of Mission Based Branding Institute. She’s on-a-mission to help mission-driven businesses and entrepreneurs share their message and help transform the world. She has authored and coauthored multiple Amazon bestselling books including most recently “Sculpt Your Life From Sketch to Masterpiece – 5 Year Anniversary Edition” and “Shift Your Beliefs To Get What You Want.” Alexandra has received a master’s in Global Strategic Communications, bachelor’s in Business and Life Coaching certification.  

Do you have a book in you?

Happy Birthday To ME!

Another year has passed and I ask myself, where has the time gone by? We often feel like we have not accomplished anything. Yet when I sat back and reflected on the last year, I saw that I’ve done quite a bit, including some things I’ve forgotten about! In the last year, I’ve:

  • Released the 5-year anniversary of Sculpt Your Life From Sketch To Masterpiece
  • Launched a Missionpreneur Mastermind Program
  • Danced at several Full Moon Drum Circle nights
  • Launched Mission Muses community
  • Launched book writing online programs and coaching (see below!)
  • Spent several months living and traveling in Spain (Ole!)
  • Finished my first draft of Burn Plan B (coming soon!)

And there are other wonderful projects and organizations I’m leaving out or forgotten about!

Why do we do all of this? In my reflection, I’m reminded that furthering our Mission, taking risks, feeling the fear and doing it anyway–it’s all out of contribution to ourselves and others. In fact I asked in my morning meditation for a special message to share with the world, and I was told:“Love More. Fear Less.” It’s really that simple.

To that end, I’m offering a special gift to help you step up in Love, including a free link to download my book Sculpt Your Life. Scroll to the bottom of the email to learn more. Love!

MISSION: 90 Days To Write Your Book, Leave Your Legacy – Master Course


Are you a leader or changemaker with a message that can serve thousands?

Have you ever dreamed of writing your own book and being an author?

Is there a book in you that’s bursting to come out?

I’ve opened up my popular writing course once again! As a branding strategist, writer, speaker and publicist, I know how important it is to get your voice out to the world! I’ve been part of bestseller campaigns, gotten free press from my books, landed speaking engagements and many more opportunities from being an author. After several requests over the last few months from aspiring authors, we have opened up our Writer’s Mastery Course once again to help you get it done!
If you are a Mission-Driven Entrepreneur, NOW is especially the time to step up, BE THE MISSION and share your Authentic Voice & Message with the world! It may feel daunting to write a book, but you have a message and you must get it out! I’ll provide a Step-By-Step guideline of exactly how I wrote my first book in just 3 weeks, and give you a blueprint for how I took my book from idea-to-launch in 3 months!
Over this 90-day online Mastery Course, we will cover the following major categories:
  1. Foundation: Choose The Topic & Type of Book Right For You & Create A Strategic Writing Plan
  2. Content: Brainstorm Content, Write Table Of Contents & Start Writing
  3. Publishing: Editing & Publication Options/Resources
  4. Launch: Marketing, Promotional Opportunities & Business Resources
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I hope you can join me to step up and BE THE MISSION! If you have any questions or conflict with the dates, please email me and we’ll set up a time to chat. Or if you need a more customized, one-to-one Coaching Strategy, I can help with that as well no matter where you’re at in the book writing and launch process.

Sculpt Your Life CoverSPECIAL BOOK GIFT: In honor of International Women’s Day, which is TODAY (March 8th), I’m offering my book Sculpt Your Life. Please download it and share the link with all the women, Missionpreneurs, creatives and artists you know who want to step up and BE THE MISSION! All proceeds of the kindle book during the rest of the month of March will go toward Mission For The Arts (charities I support that empower girls through the arts).

Here’s the link:
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Helping transform the world, one mission-driven author at a time! 😉 
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How to Find Inspiration & Why I Went On Sabbatical to Spain!

Recently, several people have asked me where I find my inspiration. I’ve written so many books, you have so many ideas, where do you find it?

Inspiration to me is tapping into your intuition, your divine inspiration is like God tapping on your shoulder and you can either listen or ignore it.

Here are a few steps you can follow to tap into this inspiration:

  1. Meditate – “Listen to be present to Listen”That means that you you can use your sense of hearing to become present to your surroundings and your body. Then once you are more present (not in your mind), you can begin to listen to answers from your intuition, God/Universe.
  2. Get Away – Take some time to yourself or go on sabbatical like I did
  3. Try Passions – Do something you’re passionate about that taps into your creative juices
  4. Ask – You’ve heard of Ask & You Shall Receive–ask God for inspiration

I dive deeper into all these areas in the short Facebook Live video. Take a listen now for the full lesson:


How do you find your inspiration? Share with us in the comments below.

Be Perfectly Imperfect

Photo of me at templar castle, Peñiscola, Spain
Photo of me at templar castle, Peñiscola, Spain
Perfection doesn’t exist. It’s an illusion. Just do and be your best.
How has trying to be perfect impeded your growth or held you back?
I’ve struggled through this need to be perfect throughout my life, feeling that I had to change myself or be something else because I sought approval from other people. It’s affected everything from my career choices (I used to be a former banker), to relationships, to my body image.
Trying to be “perfect”, essentially something I’m not and can never live up to, has been a huge form of pain. Fitting a mold others’ put on me has caused me to go into professions and industries that were not mission-driven. Living up to others’ expectations, and also expecting those expectations on others has hurt countless relationships, personally and professionally. Even the need to be perfect caused a delusional tug-of-war in my mind that created guilt in the form of a distorted negative body image and even led to an eating disorder when I was a teenager. 
Perfectionism–AND lack of being perfect–has been a convenient form of self-sabotage. Apart from everything else I’ve mentioned, it’s kept me small, blocking the creative flow and preventing me from stepping up into the highest and fullest expression of myself. 
Again, perfection is an illusion. I choose now to be perfectly imperfect and rather strive to do and be my best, which I do every day. 
How about you? How have you tried to be perfect and how has it affected your creativity and authenticity? What helps you move past this?
Please share in the comments below.

The Answers Are Simple If You Listen

Answers are simple

As you all know, I have been in self-induced, self-reflection mode as I’ve been traveling the last few months. I wanted to share a simple strategy I’ve been using when I’ve been stuck and need answers.

One such message I channeled: “The answers are simple. WE are the ones that complicate things!”

Step 1: Sage or try another energy clearing on yourself and your area (If you don’t clear the energy, your signals may get crossed!)

Step 2: Be still in the present moment, and set the intention to speak to your higher self/God/Holy Spirit

Step 3: Ask specific, empowering questions (see more below)

Step 4: Listen and write down your messages in your journal.

What do I mean by Empowering (vs disempowering) questions. For example, a general question such as “What should I do with my life?” implies you’re stuck or lost, and may lead you on a perpetual cycle of feeling stuck or lost.

Instead, a tip I learned from Oprah, ask something as simple as “What is my next right move in _______?” This can be applied to your life’s path or your business, or even a conversation or a game. A specific question like this not only gets your mind thinking strategically, but also connects to your soul, intuition and higher self.

Remember: The answers are simple. We are the ones that complicate things

What works for you to still your mind? Let me know in the comments!


Wait Til Next Year To Change?

Photo Credit: Alexandra Figueredo, Montserrat, Spain
Photo Credit: Alexandra Figueredo, Pano shot at Montserrat, Spain

Time and Space are illusions.

When you understand this concept of time and space, you realize that almost nothing is impossible. It might not appear possible in this moment in time, but with a decision and inspired action, the wheels of motion can be set that will bring it into reality. If it is real to you, it is real.

About 6 months ago, I was on one path in my life, my Plan A, as I call it–a path that was heavily inspired and guided by my own intuition and crafting. I was getting new clients, creating new brands and programs, and gaining more success in both my personal and professional life.

Then suddenly, in a moment, I received an intuitive hit in just one meditation: “I need to move to Spain.” I didn’t know why or for how long. The timing was most definitely not perfect; in fact I’d call it bad timing because I’d have to leave everything I had spent that year working on. I was excited yet skeptical. As a Missionpreneur, I knew I needed to follow this inspiration, so I answered the call. I was entering the Gap of Faith.

Perhaps as a form of self protection, I verbalized all the practical excuses that I was uprooting suddenly to Spain: to dance in Sevilla, write my book, and work on a travel-related project. Still, some of my family members called me crazy, impulsive and irresponsible. Staying firm to my decision, and checking in with God along the way, before I knew it I rented out my condo, packed my personal belongings, moved out and begin this new journey.

Not surprisingly I fell in love with Southern Spain and more importantly fell in love with myself! I believed I needed to stay at least 6 more months and I was excited thinking about new opportunities and possibilities for my life.

A couple of months later, while I was meditating on why I came to Spain and my course in life, I received a series of messages: “I am a blank slate. I can create whatever I want for my life. It’s time to step up and focus on making a greater impact in the world.” I was inspired to dream and act bigger. Nearly overnight, the original “practical” reasons I went to Spain no longer mattered to me. At that moment, it was no longer in my best interest to stay in Spain. Damn it! I was fearful that once again my family wouldn’t understand and would think I was being irresponsible or flaky. Yet once again, I listened.

When I returned to Miami, the following morning I went to church with my mom. The priest’s homily was about a Florida bishop who had already started his career in finance when he got the call to become a priest and enter seminary. Even though he had started on one lucrative path, he got the spiritual call and answered the call, even when it seemed out of place, inconvenient and hard to believe. I thought to myself “Wow, what a timely blessing this is, and it parallels my life! Now my mom will understand what I’m going through.” But I came to find out, that sermon was really more for me. It was confirmation that I was exactly where I needed to be and that God’s loving call is far more important than any fears or insecurities or worries from my family, friends, society or even my own.

We are constantly receiving messages from God and it’s our job to listen. Every day, I check in to make sure I’m on the right path. I listen and ask, and I act even when I have no idea why I’m doing it. The Gap of Faith can be terrifying, but also shows one’s resilience and perseverance. Since that intuitive hit back in Spain, I have been inspired to create new projects and start new businesses that have the potential to serve millions.

Your life at any moment is a BLANK SLATE

You have the ability to create anything you want right now. You don’t have to wait until the beginning of the year, or the summer, or next year or “when the time is right” to do what your soul desires. You can even start working toward your “Plan A” today and decide tomorrow to course correct or change that path. The timing is perfect. What’s important is that you listen and be inspired to act at this moment.

Try this. Right now close your eyes and be still.

  1. What is your soul urging you to do right now? What have you been ignoring or putting off?
  2. What is one fear or limiting belief that is holding you back from acting on this dream?
  3. What is one inspired action you can take at this moment to get your dream closer to becoming a reality?

No time like the present, as they say.

Feel free to leave your messages in the comments or ask the community for support! Connect with others on their own journey at Mission Muses group on Facebook.


If you feel inspired to follow your Mission and LIVE THE MISSION through your best mission-driven life, I would love to help. Click here or email me at Alexandra@MissionbasedBranding.com


Super Social Impact At The Super Bowl


Every year brands that want to take a stand on certain causes take the opportunity to do so at the Super Bowl or “Brand Bowl” as it’s often called, taking advantage of larger and more diverse viewership. This year, as opposed to other recent years, there has been a strong public reaction to cause-related ads, both positively and negatively, as many people automatically believe that publicly supporting causes directly correlates to a political view or opinion.

Nevertheless, I’m always for brands taking a stand! Here are four of my favorite cause-related ads at this year’s Super Bowl:

Audi #DriveProgress Big Game Commercial – “Daughter”

Ironically the first pre-released Super Bowl commercial I watched was Audi’s gender equality ad, which I stumbled upon on Twitter from a user that was attempting to minimize that cause.

Audi takes a stand for equal pay, citing a 2016 report by the U.S. Congress Joint Economic Committee that finds women were paid 21% less than men on average. They also made a statement that they signed the Equal Pay Pledge in December as part of their ongoing commitment to pay equality.

According to Audi’s YouTube page:

“This is a story of a young girl competing in a downhill cart race in her hometown. As the fearless daughter weaves her way through a field of competitors, her father contemplates whether his daughter’s worth will be measured by her gender through a series of provocative questions. It is a reminder that progress doesn’t belong to any one group. Progress is for everyone.”

The 1-minute ad ends with the phrases Equal Pay For Equal Work and Progress for Everyone as well as the hashtag #DriveProgress. The tweet from Audi during the Super Bowl has already received 24k likes and 9k retweets, with some extra love from actress Elizabeth Banks, who is affiliated with Audi and the campaign.

This ad hit me on multiple levels. Emotionally I can connect with the father’s compassion toward his daughter and his desire to see her succeed and not be devalued simply based on her gender. As a woman, surely the equal pay issue is something that I can connect with, although I personally have never worried or cared about this myself, as I have always viewed and used my gender to my advantage. It was applauded by women’s and diversity rights groups, but didn’t come without controversy of course, from seemingly misogynistic persons who want to taut equal pay as a nonissue despite the research.

Click here to see the Audi ad.

Budweiser 2017 Super Bowl Commercial | “Born The Hard Way”

This is the second and only other prereleased ad I saw before the Super Bowl. Budweiser’s YouTube page says: “This is the story of our founder’s ambitious journey to America in pursuit of his dream: to brew the King of Beers”. The commercial shows a fairly realistic portrayal of Budweiser founder Adolphus Busch as he travels from Germany on board a ship and sets foot on U.S. soil and eventually meets co-founder Eberhard Anheuser in St. Louis, Missouri. It’s truly the American Dream story of two foreign-born immigrants that meet in the U.S. and create what’s now known as an “American” brand.

With the relevancy of the anti-immigration policies that President Trump is supporting, Budweiser is taking a bold move supporting this cause by possibly alienating its fan base with this immigration story. Again, many people want to perceive cause-related support as playing politics rather than just seeing it for what it is: the true story of the founding of this company. There are many German-descended immigrants in the U.S., especially in the midwest, so why not embrace this? Not surprisingly, it had it’s trolls who created a #BoycottBudwiser (notice the misspelling) that trended on Twitter, with both sides weighing in. But the video has received the most views of any commercial so far, with 24 million on YouTube, and the Budweiser tweet during the Super Bowl with hashtag #ThisBudsForYou has received 51k likes and 24k retweets so far.

From my perspective, as a child of immigrants and an entrepreneur myself, I believe this is a beautiful portrayal of the American Dream–making the most out of the resources and opportunities one’s given and becoming successful doing it. It’s the story of every immigrant–it captures trials and tribulations, emotions and opportunities, and many people can empathize with it. Great job Budweiser!

Click here to see the Budweiser ad.

We Accept | Airbnb

Airbnb has responded quickly to create a massive social campaign over the last 2 weeks using its platform to round up volunteers to help house immigrants who have been affected by the U.S. immigration policies and Executive Order. The company’s commitment to help refugees and immigrants is augmented by its pledge to support 100k immigrants over the next 5 years and donation of $4 million to immigrant and refugee related charity groups.

#WEACCEPT AIRBNBSo why this ad? According to company founder Brian Chesky via Twitter, Airbnb decided to pay for the Super Bowl
spot just this Thursday and ended up filming the ad that same night with Airbnb employees. “It’s always been part of our family’s value system to love everyone. We all belong to this world,” was tweeted by Airbnb.

The ad promoted loving everyone, accepting diversity no matter who you love, who you worship etc and used the new motto along as the campaign hashtag #WeAccept. The tweet posting the ad on Twitter has already received 52k likes and 26k retweets since it was posted last night. Once again, some people on Twitter took to sharing their discontent with Airbnb’s stance and criticized the company for politicizing.

It’s really hard to not approve of this message when the message is more about love and inclusiveness then it is specifically about immigration. You must really have a chip on your shoulder to not like the message of this sweet and sincere ad. As a child of refugee immigrants and an Airbnb host and guest myself, I strongly support the company’s mission and pledge and I believe it was a compassionate move for Airbnb considering the company now operates in over 119 countries around the world. Also great move using the company’s own employees to also reflect and promote diversity both in general and at the company.

Click here to see the Airbnb ad.

84 Lumber Super Bowl Commercial – The Entire Journey

Okay so who is 84 Lumber? The company took the opportunity to directly tackle the immigration issue.

A post on Twitter said “See a mother & daughter’s symbolic journey toward becoming legal American citizens.” The full uncut film on YouTube page shows a mother and daughter in Mexico that leave their home town in search for a better opportunity in the U.S. They travel through not such pleasant circumstances, like riding in the back of a pickup truck, trekking through the dessert, and running through rain. At the end they come up against “the wall” and are visibly saddened and defeated, only to find a door that opens up to their new opportunity in the U.S.

I’d never heard of the company, so from that standpoint this was a good awareness campaign, tied to a strong, relevant cause. Emotionally, as an immigrant, as a mom, as a human, this has to pull at your heartstrings somehow. Of course, not without it’s own controversy from the folks who want to build a wall with Mexico and keep out immigrants. Good move having the immigrants be a mother and daughter, reframing the view of who immigrants are away from this perception of “murderers and rapists” that gets thrown around sometimes.

That said, perhaps because this company is not historically a big social media user (they only have 19k followers on Twitter as of today), they didn’t take advantage of creating a hashtag. I believe the campaign could have benefited from creating a hashtag, also for tracking purposes, even though the tweet received 32k likes and 17k retweets.

Click here to see the full uncut 5 minute Lumber 84 ad promotional film.

Honorable Mention: Coke’s America The Beautiful

And of course, you can’t forget that Coke recycled a previous Super Bowl’s commercial of America The Beautiful being sung in multiple languages. The message of course is promoting diversity, especially as the most recognized brand in the world. Naturally anything that promotes diversity in the U.S. causes some backlash as many people erroneously believe that the U.S. has an official language (it doesn’t!) of English (it’s not!). This commercial doesn’t get old, it’s still one of my favorites!

Here is that Coke ad.

Do you agree or disagree? Did I miss one you liked? Share your comments below.

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